Emergency Denture Repairs

We offer an emergency repair service this may be a simple fracture, broken tooth or damage to
your denture.We endeavour to complete repairs within an hour but often complex repairs may
take longer. We understand the value you have in your denture and to parted with it can be quite
distressing hence we are passionate about patient treatment. We will ensure the procedure is
quick and efficient whilst you wait in our comfortable waiting room taking advantage of tea or
fresh coffee and our free WiFi.

We repair dentures different to most, we use an ultra strong dental acrylic which is actually used
to produce new dentures. Common practice is to use a simply repair material which will become
the weakest link in your denture.

We even repair dentures on Christmas Eve after a patient dog decided to eat his denture. Glad we
could provide a unique service for our community. This is the patients in his own words:

"Well this was a Christmas I won’t forget! Up early on Saturday 23rd December getting ready to go
running, I was downstairs when I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to put my denture in
which was on the bedside table! Teddy and Bella our two Bichonfrise dogs had beaten me to the
bedroom and to my horror, my denture was gone! Frantic searching on the bed/floor revealed no
trace of it. Then I remembered I’d run passed Bella at the top of the stairs. By the time I got to her
my denture was in pieces and she was happily chewing on the biggest piece with one tooth
attached! The other pieces I could recover were under her. Some gone forever!

Then it dawned on me this was the Saturday before the Christmas break and the chances of
getting a replacement were next to none! The prospect of a Christmas without my two top front
teeth was devastating to say the least!

Where do you turn to in times like this? Facebook! Partly as payback for all the times I’ve posted
funny stories about my family and friends and as a plea for help!

Almost immediately two friends replied telling me about the Denture Care Clinic.

Bearing in mind the date I didn’t hold out much hope but had to try! I phoned Lee and left a
message not really expecting a call back until after Christmas. Almost straight away Lee called me
back. I told him my sorry tale and he apologised as he would have loved to have helped but he
had a family commitment that day he couldn’t get out of. Despondent I said not to worry I’ll come
and see you after Christmas. Then he said the immortal words “What about tomorrow?”
“Christmas Eve on a Sunday” I clarified? Lee said he couldn’t leave me without teeth over
Christmas and would gladly come into work for me. I was over the moon but even more so was
my wife!

8am Christmas Eve, in for impressions, 2pm fitting and final check to make sure everything fitted
perfectly, 2.30pm ready to face the world with a confident smile. Lee’s denture was better made,
stronger and a better fit than my old one from the dentist and a third cheaper. All on the day
before Christmas!As the famous song goes, All I wanted for Christmas was my two front teeth
and Lee gave up his Christmas Eve day to make sure I got them! I don’t believe you will get better
service than that anywhere!"